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Scholastic World of English

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A highly innovative and progressive English program ideal for young learners aged 3 – 8 years old.

For Ages:

3 - 8


K - 2


Scholastic World of English is a highly innovative and progressive English language program that develops strong foundational skills for young learners aged 3 – 8 years old.

Where Innovation Meets Literacy

Scholastic World of English is an interactive instructional program which comprises built-in native speaker audio, colorful illustrations and animation, engaging games, memorable songs, fascinating characters, well-structured modules and activities, and assessments.

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Learning Benefits

Engaging & effective Instructional Program

Fun activities that include learning with songs, bringing lessons to life! Interactive content makes lessons more learner-focused, as students take part in a process of guided discovery. Songs provide a fun and effective way to engage in repetition of language, as well as helping quieter students to vocalize with confidence.

Structured & Systematic English Program

A 4-year curriculum which consist of Nursery Level, Level 1, 2 and 3 that focuses on building strong English foundation with 5 language skills – Vocabulary, Phonics, Reading, Speaking and Writing.Critical thinking and reading response tasks require students to examine texts in more sophisticated ways and express their ideas orally, graphically and in writing.

Correlation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

An internationally recognized benchmark. Scholastic World of English takes beginner English language learners from pre-A1, from A1 to A2 of the CEFR Levels. Click here for more details.

Designed with the flexibility to customize Class Hours

Lesson plans are readily customized into 30 minutes, 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours which is suitable for both preschools and learning centers usage based on their preference.

Review & Assessment that Tracks Learning Progress

Student activity book, check-point test (Level 1 – 3 only), student progress report and placement tests are available which allow students to practice and revisit content from previous units for better understanding.Teachers can monitor students’ progress to see how much material students have completed on the mobile app.

Connecting Parents & Teachers

The Family Connection Book shows parents exactly what their child is learning in each lesson and enables weekly communication between parents and teachers through written comments.

Reinforcement of Learning continues at Home

The mobile app provides a fun and effective way for students to revisit content at home, with a single-user version of the in-class program. Parents can also view their child’s progress through the course via the mobile app.

Curriculum Overview

Scholastic World of English progressively builds core 5 language skills which are Vocabulary, Speaking, Phonics, Reading and Writing. Each unit covers these essential modules purposefully sequenced to methodically build learner competence from one skill to the next.

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Scope and Sequence


Content Overview



Learning Outcomes

Program Support

Easy to Use with Teacher Support at Point of Use

Designed with the teacher and with teaching and learning in mind, resources for lesson preparation and implementation are provided at point of use. The Prepare mode provides lesson notes and guidance for teachers during the lesson planning stage. Teachers will use the Teach mode during lessons.

Program Components

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System Requirements