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Clifford Big Red Adventure Boxed Set (with CD & Storyplus) 

For Ages:

4 - 19

Starts with the easiest letters, "m" and "a," used in a simple rebus book. The books in this first pack, along with the five book packs that will follow, all show Clifford, friends, and family in various adventures that reinforce Clifford's values of caring, sharing, and being together. Each book points out the letters and sounds being focused upon, along with "words to learn" and "words to sound out."


  • Genre: Fiction
  • ISBN: 9789813372443
  • Age Level: 4 - 19
  • Format: Paperback with Audio
  • Rights: BN, CN, HK, MO, ID, JP, KH, LA, MM, PH, MY, SG, S.KR, TW, TH, VN